Once a year, my host organization, The Global Good Fund, holds “Strategy Day” meeting with board members and related people to discuss strategies for next year.  This time we invited Board of Directors, Board of Advisors, Coaches, Scholar in residence and GGF staff members to Reston in Virginia in order to discuss how to improve The Global Good Fund in 2016. Right after we quickly overviewed GGF status, we divided into three groups with each topic such as GGF Fellowship program, investment opportunities with Fellows and sustainability for GGF. I joined the Fellowship program group and we shared current issues, ideas and solutions. We and listened one another and talked very freely and intensively on that matter. It was very interesting to see how those people deeply engaged with the organization and devoted their enthusiasm and time even though they are super busy as they are CEO or high leadership in their company. Thanks to them, my organization has been able to grow and help more Fellows, more young leaders improve their leadership skills and solve complex problems in their community. Every year we increased # of Fellows to support. It was such a blessing to have such a wonderful people here.



I just realized that when you do start something, you cannot do it alone. You need mentors and followers to support your ideas and implement them effectively and efficiently. I saw many young entrepreneurs who struggling to work by himself or herself. Without those people, you cannot stand alone and change the world by yourself. It is keen to have right people to be surrounded by to get their advice and guide me to go right way, support me financially and spiritually and help you to grow further. I used to prefer to work alone.  I was tired of working with other people. But I saw the power of teams today. I saw the power of wisdom from the seasoned entrepreneurs and leaders. I saw the power of strategic thinking. That’s what I learned GGF Strategy Day.


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