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Bulling – psychological terror, beating, persecution of one person to another. 44% of Russian children aged 11 years and 27% of 15-year-olds become targets of bullying.

Main features of bulling:

  • Inequality of the forces of the aggressor and the victim.

  • Repeatability of violence.

  • Emotional reaction of the victim.

The only one person begins of bulling to assert his authority, get some benefit or just have fun. At first other children ignore it, but seeing that the victim does not resist, and the teacher doesn’t protect, the children feel helpless, and their mood can change – from the sympathy of the victim to irritation and indifference.

What to do?

  • Find people who are sympathetic to you.

  • Do not show your reaction.

  • Increase self-esteem.

  • Look for support.

  • The victim’s parents should talk with the teachers and parents of bullies.

  • Try to find out the causes of aggression.

  • If possible, try changing the team.

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