Starbucks is more than just a coffee shop. They have built an image and an atmosphere of high quality services for their customers. They provide other services in addition to the coffee, for example a customer has access to free Internet. In terms of coffee for coffee snobs, they provide superior quality coffee.
The main reason Starbucks maintain their status and continue in business is their sophisticated music, courteous servers, also comfortable furniture that makes the environment very enjoyable and polite for the family and friends of different ages. Even though Starbucks just started business few years ago, number of people who trust them is usually increasing because of the way they treat their patrons warmheartedly and with personalized service.
People are usually looking for a special place with a difference from the usual, and Starbucks is one of these places. Starbucks is a place where someone can get relaxed and reduce the stress of work or study. They later feel refreshed and can resume work and study with more energy.

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