frozenNever in my life have I ever been through space and time at a temperature below -1 C. The maximum it ever gets in the city where I am from, is -1 C somewhere at night. I never knew what lied beyond a -1 C. In Washington DC, I never thought I’d experience anything beyond that -1 C feel, but oh no. I felt a -17 C. It felt like I was drowning and my brain had frozen, I could not feel my nose, and my eyes were hurting, but at the same time, I was falling in love with that new face of nature. YASSSSS ! I’m a poet ! Passing through spacetime at a temperature way below the normal that I have known.


I was not even prepared for what kinds of clothes people wear in winters to keep warm. The warmest I have ever worn in the winters I have ever known were, cotton or linen shirts, and an optional sweater. I just wrapped a shawl around myself

crazy cold


“It’s a battlefield out there”, I said to one of my colleagues yesterday, when wearing my jacket to leave office for home. I have to battle with cold weather out there in order to survive. This is getting really serious. I never took it seriously, and that is why I am not prepared. My colleague suggested I should buy thermal undergarments, they call it “thermal underwear” over here. I went and bought me some thermal stuff, and was happy that I’d be warm the next day, but oh no. No no no no no. In the morning, I realized that I had bought the wrong stuff. It just wasn’t warm enough. I can actually share some tips out of experience about the kind of material you should use during the below -3 C winters.

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I’ll be buying polyester material. That is the warmest. When people tell you, wear layers of clothes, I know you won’t understand what that means, because I never understood what they meant by layers. Each cloth material has a different capacity to keep the cold out and to trap the heat inside. In some materials you may sweat. Wool or cotton is not warm, the material breathes. Do your homework on the kinds of materials used for winter undergarments, and which one is the warmest. Buy yours accordingly. Wear two pairs of socks if it gets cold. Today, I’m wearing two pairs of socks. Better than one pair.

It will reach upto a -22 C in the coming days. It’s not even snowing yet. Wait up for that snow ! Will be sharing some more exciting experiences InshaAllah ! 😛


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  1. N. Sobia says:

    Stay Warm People !

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