If I became a Social Designer was because as Graphic Designer I considered that I could not be against the consumer society. I lost the battle. The market needed to change models to encourage consumption. I did not accept to make products for the simple fact of supplying the market, it did not seem deontological. For me, any product must obey the attempt, successful or not, to improve another previous one.

Why Social Designer? If you search for a simple definition you will find that Social Design is a design that is mindful of the designer’s role and responsibility in society; and the use of the design process to bring about social change.[1]; Does not it make more sense?

One of the conclusions of the Social design studies carried out by experts in innovation and social development is that… There is no perfect recipe. Each community has its particularities and what has worked in a person in their community does not have to work in another. There are no closed formulas and if it were a closed formula, it would not be an innovation”

“Innovation is not evolution. Innovation is breaking paradigms, not advancing what is already being done. ” -Lotfi EL-Ghandouri

People are the center of innovation. You are the center of innovation. The ideas, motivations, and ambitions that give rise to social change arise from you. Social circles are the links that unite the diversity of people’s perspectives.

We refuse to believe that there is no alternative for design. For the designers. Let’s design a different future. Let’s build a new present.

Do you join the challenge?

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