The first gift that I received from DC is to learn that I have to be thankful to the bad timing events. Before I arrived DC, I hate these kind of episodes, but during my first month here, I could realize that they allow you to grow up as a human being, because these bad experiences give you some tools to face them in the future.

For instance, I had to wait two years before I was selected as an Atlas Corps fellow. I passed for several interviews and nothing happened. In fact, I was thinking to quit this program, but fortunately I received the accepting email. Now I realize that these two years were a training for my life in DC. In those two years I learned some tools that I am using for making an adjustment in my new style of life as a fellow.

If I see my life in retrospective, I can say that I learnt a lot of things during these 2 years of waiting. For example, I could process all the things that happened to me in Haiti. The Haitians taught me to always have a positive approach in life. They always smile and seem happy even when they live in poor conditions. Also, I learnt from them how to dance the sorrow and that means when I am sad, I will dance to forget my sorrows.

Therefore, I hope that you can give me a smile the next time we will see face to face. Anything that it is happening in that moment is blessing and you have to be focus to realize what lesson you could learn in that moment.


Photo: MSBR

Photo: MSBR

Moral: Be thankful with the bad timing because is an opportunity to learn, to change your perspective, and to have a new bright beginning. It could be difficult understand it at the beginning, but you have to pull yourself together and rise like a phoenix. With this understanding you would have an easygoing and happy life wherever you stay.

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Who is Carlos Jáuregui? He loves traveling and he is passionate about cross-cultural understanding and intercultural communication. Also, he learnt how to meditate in ‘Peace Revolution’. More about him in the following blog posts.

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