It is always excited to know or meet who inspire me. As some of my dearest fellows and friends know, I am pretty close to musicians. One of my musician friends has never complain about other people whom work with him together. He was different from my other friends  who work at the company and have a stable life with monthly salary.

At least the musician friend knows how to enjoy his work and his life and I could feel how much he loves his work. I always try to find what I really love to do and what I am willing to pay for opportunity cost to have happier life.

As you might know musicians are quite similar to international development workers like us, both decides their own life. We don’t pursue fame or money. We just follow what make us happy and what is important to us.

Since I got malaria, due to weakened immune system of my body recently I am having frequent allergic reaction every 2~3 days. So  I had to carry anti- histamine wherever I go and it makes me to to think about stable life which might be with sufficient salary and stay with family in home country.

While I was agonizing my career and health issues, I came to know one of the inspirational people who are musician. At the Chicago Jazz festival this year the final stage of the festival was performed by Sun La Arkestra.

The Sun La Arkestra is based in Chicago and this band was led by a musican “Sun Ra” from the mid -1950s. Since the arkestra starts in the mid of 1950s, Marshal Allen was the starting band member. He is one I want to talk about now.

sunra arkestra

Can you believe that 90years old musicians can still lead an orchestra and perform like 20 years old energetic musician? To play a wind instruments such as saxophone what Marshall allen plays, you might need to be healthy enough to blow wind to make a sound.

After the thrilled performance of Sun la Arkestra, I couldn’t move. I just strongly fell I want to do my job until I died like what Marshal Allen performed at the stage.


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