At this very moment when I’m trying to concentrate on reporting and organizing a huge pile of papers, the Side by Side: Digital Story project participants are all in planes flying back to their home countries, Turkey and Armenia.

Past two weeks were really amazing in many ways, but mostly because we ALL were one team! Working together, learning and living together, exploring DC together…

I’m really happy we achieved a lot: we all learned to be a little bit more tolerant, more respectful, more hardworking, punctual, caring, more, more, more…

I was managing many different projects before, but this one is unique, because I was hosting people in Washington DC, where I am a guest myself!

It was pretty unusual for me today after the goodbyes to walk in the streets without being followed by a group of 14 or work in the office in complete silence without being distracted every other minute with questions…

I’m happy to be able to share the results of the busiest and most hectic month since my arrival to DC.

Please check:

And enjoy the last day of spring,

Side by Side: Digital Stories team

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