Before the beginning of Facebook, Twitter and other online networks, humans from around the world have never experienced such a revolution. The diffusion and consumption of information is experiencing unique growth. Even if it is not always in a good way.

Make new friendships, professional meetings, meet old friends, freely express your own opinions … Today, the benefits of social networks in the lives of individuals are no longer to claim. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are great communication platforms for users who know how to use them.

However, despite all these opportunities offered by the giants of the social Web, as any social phenomenon, the excessive use of these digital platforms is not without consequences on the lives of consumers, both at personal level and in the relations of a couple.

If we rely on testimonies, we quickly say that the dependence of social networks is a dangerous addiction for the good development of romantic relationships. However some believe that social networks and relationships do not mix, as far as we are not able to establish limits, related to the use of the Internet, feelings of neglect, lack of trust, infidelity, jealousy  might be “au rendez-vous”…

Moreover, if we observe the behavior of some people, we see that in the digital age, the privacy of couples has crossed the intimacy of living rooms and bedrooms to expose themselves now on the big scene of social networks. There is always something to post to show the world that we are in love and even to express our feelings or tell a hidden message to the other person. And even today, there is a tendency to believe that some proofs of love are simply shown through a post on social networks.

In any case, if this perception does not always mirror the reality of some couples, it is far to be innocent in so many others. Many thinks that people who refuse to publish a photo of their couple on Facebook for example might be a hint of infidelity.

Generally speaking, social networks are excellent communication tools. For some spouses, it’s even an effective way to stay in touch despite the distance. But for others, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat become sources of conflict and a nightmare. Thus, excessive use of these virtual platforms is now a real threat to the survival of some couples, where the notion of respect and discipline is apparently lacking. It’s like confirming that happiness always comes with some surprises.