Amazing what social media is doing in today’s world! Nothing seems impossible anymore. Whatever we want, we can get, no matter how far. Actually everything has become much easier, more fun,more effective and the impossible is now possible because of Social Media!!!
Politics, Sports, Entertainment, Health, Travel, Lifestyle, Economy, Technology, Religion, Education, Science name it ….all are up to date because of the powerful tool called Social Media. Information gets transferred in seconds and is the best way to organize success. Best example is the Arab Spring in Egypt- Social Media was the major tool/weapon.
It has become the major trend for all work and development success. The best way to learn, interact and grow in every sector. It is even the reason for our happiness- Connection!
A few days ago, I was bored and somehow started to think about old school days, the word pen-pal struck me and I started to remember a pen-pal I had when I was 11. An American girl of my own age with whom I started writing letters. We must have connected so well even though we had never really met. The letters kept going and coming and it was fun. I was always looking forward to them and I believe so did she. Thanks to Dad who always posted and brought them for me.
We kept writing to each other for more than eight years and it felt like we were growing up together.
Somehow as we got older and begun to travel, we lost touch.
Recently, the most powerful social media tool-FaceBook reunited me with my pen-pal. I couldn’t be more grateful as I always wondered what happened to her or where she is. I was overjoyed and so was she, more so because we are very close to meeting in person as we are in the same country right’s getting me emotional- It’s like finding a long lost sibling. Isn’t that wonderful?
I am looking forward to meeting her…..thanks to Mark Zuckerberg and AtlasCorps Connection!
As for the rest, lets keep the connections tight and tighter !!!!
A very warm welcome to Class 13 🙂

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