In December of this year I started working on an exciting new project with Habitat for Humanity. As you might know, I work for the International Learning and Organizational Department (ILOD from now on) in the Atlanta International Headquarters. Since my time here until last month I have been working on the technical production of e-learning courses and tutorials, as well as doing other administrative tasks that, although they are not very exciting, are helping me improve my written and spoken English considerably. The new project that I started working on has been a challenge and quite a learning process so I wanted to share it with you all:

The ILOD department in which I work has been developing solutions for learning needs in two basic ways thus far: classroom learning and e-learning. This has been crucial for the development of the organization, but as the ways people learn are beginning to change we want to adapt to them as fast as possible. The emergence of social media has given individuals and teams the tools to support their own learning and performance needs much more easily, and by doing so many are already circumventing the need for the L&D function. There is clearly a need to support the new ways in which people are now working and learning and here is where my role comes into play. From now until next April I will be in charge of designing the strategy to implement social media for learning into our activities. The good news is that I will have to lead a process in which we consider the needs and initiatives of every office in the ILOD team and accommodate them. I must take into account that the team operates both locally and remotely throughout the world to better meet the needs of the organization and this makes the task very exciting. I will have to interview everybody and energize meetings in which we will decide where we want to focus our efforts in order to accomplish our goal on a global scale.

To date I have just produced the Strategic Plan Process and started the research and benchmarking, but I will be blogging about this subject in the future to keep you updated.

I hope you all had a lot of fun this Christmas and wish you a great new year full with love, health and exciting new projects.


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