I have been in the U.S (Washington DC) for about 2 months now; I have to admit I have never experienced so much positive energy. Nice coat, great idea, I love your earrings, good job, you look beautiful, this is great; how did you do it? This is all I hear from friends talking to each other, colleagues and from total strangers on the streets. This is the American spirit and I love it. No matter where you come from, no matter your background, your sexuality, the color of your skin, your religious believes there is something about being here that just ignites a spark in you. A spark that tells you that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. I am happy to be here, I love the exposure. I have met truly amazing people who have made a positive influence in my life through their advice, support and encouragement in the past two months. Most importantly I love my work-it’s exciting for me as a researcher to be dealing with a new area that I have not researched on before. I   have also been blessed with the best supervisor ever-a great mentor indeed.


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