It’s been two weeks since I left everything I was used to to serve with Atlas Corps in DC. Sitting here in this train I can only think of one thing. Can I handle this motion sickness for a year? Yes I get motion sickness in the train and sometimes in cars (if I am not driving). I need to figure out how to get used to it because I don’t plan to leave any time soon. It’s barely 2 weeks! Let me just deal with being home sick. That, I think I can maneuver. So far, I have managed on my own. It’s not like I couldn’t call someone to talk to but I like to psychoanalyze myself first – you guys should try it sometime, talk to yourself, it’s healthy. Just be careful when you’re in public.

So I go in my head ‘Viv, the opportunities are endless. I’ve met amazing people from all over the world who have inspired, as well as intimidate me. I can’t let a thousand train rides stop me. I could use the bus or better yet bike to work (loose weight in the process. WIN-WIN). Whatever the case, it would be a sin not to maximize this opportunity’. Mind you, all this is going on in my head before the trains first stop. You can only imagine what else went on over the next four stops. I like to call it self-therapy.
So I’m still here, aiming to push my limits, try out new things, explore, interact, and build capacity! And just keep moving as Bel aptly put it in her speech. My daily mantra for the year – something new, something beautiful! Just because you can’t see any clouds, doesn’t mean the sky is empty.

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