Few years ago people use landlines phone and snail mail to communicate. However, over the last decade Smartphone have gradually changed the way people communicate and make it easy and simple. In today’s life smart phones is taking the quick lead as a popular tool for a daily communication everywhere. Not only have smart phones made it easier to communicate, but people are now using them to document and record incidents, accidents on video to help easier the court procedures or the police case.
In recent time, many recorded cases have appeared in courts or in police custodians around the United States and in other developed countries on tape; making it easy for judges to make a final judgment. In this case there is no need for human witness or for the physical appearance of person as witness in front of the judge in order to testify. As part of the court procedures, the judges are saying cases are adjourned many times because they want to hear from many witnesses before the judge could make the final judgment.
People became carouse to record any incidents that happen in their neighborhoods or road accidents. I don’t know if some people take for fun? This used to be part of the journalistic job to record and shot videos, and sometime some edited are done to remove some emotional scene before it is shown on TV or public.

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Yes we know incidents happen and not all incidents are the same. There are some incidents take places in front of us and need our help to rescue lives. But some smart phone holders ended up recording a video of someone dying like sinking in river or caught up in a fire and he/she might be calling for help. Just imagine you are in that situation where you in need someone to help you and they ended up taking video of your situation. How do you feel?
On Wednesday April 1, a 51 year old woman faced race hate charges after an angry neighborhood battle in Perth, Western Australia in an ugly clash in front of a smart phone camera. But when ask during the interrogation says she has no reason to say sorry. Even though the incident was on a camera; the woman still denying and bringing on excuses. Find the linked here: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10206472550596061&set=vb.1338455072&type=2&theater
Let me see what are the positive usages of your smart phone?


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