I used to think about an expression of the world becoming smaller with every day as of an annoying cliché. However, when that “small world” creates some incredibly unexpected situations in one’s daily life, even a rotten cliché becomes much appreciated and treasured.

One of the Atlas fellows at the NYC Nexus Youth Summit mentioned meeting someone from my host satellite city, Minneapolis, and led me towards that person to introduce. When that mysterious person from Minneapolis turned around to extend his hand to me, we both were momentarily frozen in disbelieving the coincidence. Here he was, the Peace Corps Volunteer who was serving in 2009-2010 in my very own small town lost amidst of mountains of Armenia. And the funnies thing was that he actually moved to Minneapolis literally couple of months before my own arrival to the glorious state of 10,000 lakes. It was absolutely hilarious and, I bet, highly amusing for others who were watching how two supposedly strangers from different parts of the world were hysterically laughing and exchanging friendly hugs.

Another recent Armenia/Peace Corps/Atlas/Minnesota crossroad: at the business meeting at the Lutheran Social Service of MN, my host organization, a member of partner organization, finding out my Armenian origin, promised to get me in touch with his friend, who happened to work in Armenia. And there she was – former Peace Corps Volunteer, who worked in Armenia in 1998-2000 with the very same people I worked with, and who not only has kept her “Armenian connections” but is also one of the most constant columnists of the Armenian Weekly – one of the most popular online news outlets among the American-Armenian Diaspora. And she just happened to live in Twin Cities. Isn’t that amazing?
Sometimes life is amazingly full of surprises. Each person we meet today might pop-up somewhere and sometime in the most unexpected way. Each person on our way is a mystery and a miracle, just waiting to happen.

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