How many times do we hear those words that testify to a great exhaustion? Recognize that the parent alone, like any parent, has limits. “Super-women” and “Superman” exist only on television or in the Romans. To live the role of father and mother of his best, it is already a tremendous success.

Many single parents still have nostalgia for the two-parent family. If two parents are happy together and are all engaged with their children, this is obviously the most favorable situation. There are also, unfortunately, some two-parent families where one to another is made … All parents are linked by continuous voices … In short, the current family relationships are all all the same.

The important thing for the single parent is to connect with the outside world to avoid an overly exclusive relationship between parents and children and, most importantly, to get their breath away from other adults.

Here are 5 of the most important things to be a successful single parent:

  1. Stop feeling guilty

All single parents  go through difficult times. We wonder if our children will have “emotional damage” if they will be dysfunctional in their adult life because of separation. We also say that we do not give them enough time, we are constantly stressed, we work too much, we do not have enough money to give them everything they want. There are now families of all kinds (single-parent, reconstituted, traditional, etc.) and there are also good and bad parents for each of these families. You must choose to be a good mother, and you will get there!

  1. Build a solid support network

To be fulfilled, you have to go out, meet family and friends, do activities, talk about what’s going on and what’s wrong, etc. You have to know how to call someone to discuss the days when you’re feeling down, receive the world at home and respond to the invitations of others. In summary: live!

  1. Learn about our rights

How does it work? Am I eligible for housing benefits? There are lots of questions, and about as many resources available to single parent families.

Do not hesitate to do your online research to find out everything that is available to you: coffee-meetings, telephone assistance, legal aid, sports and educational activities, etc. Sometimes it is necessary to take advantage of this new stage in life to meet new people and meet people who are facing the same situation.

  1. Take time for yourself

It is true that it is not always easy to think of oneself when one must also think about everything else, but we all need to some time for ourselves occasionally.

If children spend time with the other parent, take advantage of these moments to do things we love, go out, relax, go for a coffee with friends, etc.

Sometimes, this option does not exist, but it is not a reason to forget: leave the children at a family member or friends, hire a babysitter for a party.

If you have financial difficulties and can not afford to pay a babysitter, look around and exchange babysitting evenings with other single parents … Have a nice workout, or wake up 30 minutes earlier to do some yoga. Never forget that you are also a person with needs.

  1. Establish a routine

Both for children and for yourself, it is essential to have a well-run routine, at least on weekdays. You are the head of the house and you have every right to set rules: sharing tasks, bedtime, time in front of the TV or computer, etc.

For everything to go well, everyone must understand that family life is a community. Of course, it may be necessary at times to change the routine (weekends, during the holidays), but if everyone knows what he has to do, everything happens much more simply.