Some days ago I had the opportunity to meet some new fellows from Class 20th in the monument tour, it was a freeze walking but it was good to see new faces and welcome our new Fellows. It made me think that starting the fellowship is an amazing feeling ¡each day is a surprise!, but at the same time new challenges come with these first months. Here are some tips that can help you to start and stay healthy during this year:
• Meditate: Take time to be alone and meditate, this practice can give you a lot of benefits. Physically it relaxes the body and reduces stress. Psychologically, it increases the concentration, memory and self-confidence. As well it strength your spirituality.
• Stay in contact: with your relatives and friends in your home country, they give you the strength to continue. Make them part of this important year 🙂
• Meet new people: Stay in touch with your local ambassadors, other fellows and attend events. Besides, there are other tools like Facebook groups and Meetups. There you can find a variety of groups and people with your same interests.
• Laugh: It can bring people together and establish great connections. Also, it has big benefits to your health, it lowers blood pressure, reduces stress hormone levels which may result in higher immune system performance and produces a sense of well- being because by laughing you can release endorphins ( body´s natural pain killer).
• Transportation: Download to your cell-phone Google Maps, and Apps for the metro and buses they definitely will make your life easier.
• Hobbies: Find a hobby or work out, it would help you to disconnect from work, relax and spend your free time.
Finally, have an open and positive mind, enjoy every moment no matter if it is good or bad there is always an opportunity to learn of everything 🙂

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