We all know that exactly 25 years back world leaders made a promise to children, by ratifying United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child  (UNCRC) on November 20, 1989, that we will do everything in our power to protect and promote you by providing you all your rights for survival and development. You will live healthy and happy life with education, entertainment, information, empowerment, reflection and recreation. Your voice will be heard and respected. Today when we are passing 25th fall, we haven’t seen any rise in the lives of millions of children. There are 57+ million children who are denied for their basic rights of education, millions of them are on the street, either being exploited or at risk of exploitation. Under 5 mortality is as high as 91 per 1000 in some countries, which is in gross contradiction of UNCRC’s basic principle of right of survival and denial of another promise millennium development goal 4 (reduction of child mortality). Every one out of four child is at risk of sexual abuse.


World prosper when children learn and play

It is not that governments of nearly 200 countries, which ratified UNCRC, can’t treat and educate them but they have yet to decide that their lives are worth saving. As we mark the silver jubilee of the Convention, we can take credit of reduction of child mortality and increase of enrollment but this important event invite us to think and rethink that there is much more remain to accomplish as well. We need more than ever creativity, collaboration, commitment and new way for reaching to all those hardest to reach. We also need a strong will, consistent approaches to advance the rights of every child.

Above all it takes a society to raise a child.

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