Africa needs strong institutions, not strong men

                                      President Barack Obama.


I am thrilled not just by the visionary leadership and selfless service of these three outstanding individuals but also the programs they have designed and presently implementing to effect change both on local and international scenes. Scott Beale and Gbenga Ogunjimi I have met in person, whereas President Barrack Obama I get “connected” to through various media platforms and look forward to meeting personally someday.   On June 29, 2013, I read about the announcement by President Barack Obama at the University of Johannesburg about a trainee or cultural exchange program which would be an expansion of his Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) dubbed the “Washington Fellowship Program.”   The Washington Fellowship shares some similarities with the Atlas Corps Fellowship and is expected to commence next year. The Atlas Corps Fellowship sometimes called the “reverse Peace Corps” is a leadership development program for the world’s best nonprofit professional founded by Scott Beale about seven years ago. So far, Atlas Corps have built a global network of 164 Fellows and alumni from 54 countries around the world who are driving change in their communities every day. Atlas Corps brings leaders from around the world to serve in cities across the United States in one-year placements at nonprofits such as Association of American Medical Colleges, Ashoka, Grameen Foundation, McKinsey, UNICEF, and the US Peace Corps. For more information please visit or following this link

Also of great interest to me is the Emerging Institutions Fellowship Program (EIFP) established in April, 2011 by the former training manager, Atlas Corps and CEO, Landmark Development Initiative Africa, Mr Gbenga Ogunjimi.

Atlas corps has blazed the trail! In all three aforementioned fellowship programs, I sense a strong desire by the founders to bring about change not just in Africa, but across the globe by developing young leaders and strengthening institutions.  Moving forward, I sincerely believe that for maximal impact and elimination of duplicity, there is a need for synergy and effective partnership amongst these programs. I believe that if President Obama, Scott Beale and Gbenga Ogunjimi get into talk, they will come up with a holistic implementation strategy.

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