There are number of things which make the US so different from the rest of the world, and for me personally one of these things is the idea, understanding and actually volunteering.

Never before in any other country I have travelled and stayed I have seen people additing in their to-do list volunteering for this or that organization. People are so ready, eager and willing to contribute to the others’ work in any way they can! Most importantly, there shouldn’t be any emergency situation or extreme need…no, regular days, holidays, as a part of life!

That is simply great! It’s amazing! And that was also one of the reasons why I decided to design and implement a project for young people from Turkey and Armenia, who’d have a chance to come to the US, learn a lot about volunteering and actually volunteer for some local organizations.

It is my pleasure to present my second project, VITA (Volunteer Initiative in Turkey & Armenia), with HasNa. I’m really excited to host another group of 12 young people from Turkey and Armenia and look forward to volunteering with them in DC Central Kitchen, The National Zoo, Bikes for the World, A wider Circle and other DC based organizations.

We start our project on Martin Luther King day and will continue till February the 1st. After the teams get back home each VITA project participant is expected to recruit 5-8 volunteers and serve their respective community, just the way they learned while in the US.

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