During the Social Good Summit, I have thought about social changes, movement and action. To move forward with changing the world, we need people’s support. We cannot make these changes by one person’s power or money. As one of people who are belonging to the social movement, this has been challenges for long time, since I started my career in the third sector. I believe, not only myself but also other social activists face similar challenges. On the first day of the Summit, one panelist, Ben Keesey, said that only 24% of people are feeling that they owe to social changes. In other words, everyone is not interested in public wellness or in social movement as much as we(or I) expect.
Although social activists have faced challenges in engaging people in order to make the world better, not all people neglected the change. At least, thousands of people got together for the Social Good Summit and more people participated in the similar events and summits during the UN General Assembly week. Since the Millennium Development Goal(MDG) was announced, we found that many criteria showed it has been improved over the eight goals for the past 14 years. I found that it was not impossible goals at all.
However, until the target timeline of the MDG, we have only one year left. And it’s the time to think about another 15 years and post-MDG. Considering this timeline, I thought the #2030NOW was a well-developed slogan. I think for the next 15 years, spreading word by engaging more people should be more important than we considered before. For the post-MDG, what can we do in order to involve more people with our movement?  Thankfully, we have social digital tools to make people be involved. In addition to that, many celebrities work on the movement.
For example, Alicia Keys was on the stage of the Social Good Summit, at the first day. She prepared her new song for the movement, “We are here”. She asked us “why we are here?”. She wanted to hear from us, “Yes, we are here to make the World better”. She even pledged 1 Million Dollars for her social movement “we are here”. http://weareheremovement.com. Alicia wanted to attract people’s attention by using her popularity. It cannot be stopped at this stage. WE, social activists and actors use this positive movement toward our movement. And we have to remember that people can get upset at unfairness, but not all people start to move to make the World better.


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