Art Aficionado!  Well, that is not me and it is a sure shot thing. But still, got a chance to visit SFMOMA, an art museum with two and a half amazing fellows. 🙂 The half fellow was a cutie-pie and most obviously stole my heart away. I had two amazing weeks with them and now it is really emotional bidding farewell to them. These fellows are wrapping up their Atlas Corps journey, on the contrary, ours is gaining momentum. I guess that’s the circle of life; from ashes born the phoenix. My sincere wishes to Class 26 who have successfully culminated their Atlas Corps journey. Best wishes and lots of prayers for a thriving future ahead!

Well, this post is not about Atlas Corps fellows or their journey. Rather, it is about my very first visit to an art museum. I have been to art galleries, exhibitions and museums back home in Pakistan but never heard about an art museum. Therefore, it is indeed a reason big enough to be penned down.

I fortunately had an opportunity to spend an entire day at SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art). We started our tour from the seventh floor which has some of the edgiest pieces and subsequently descended towards art work at the ground floor. It is worth mentioning that SFMOMA is a destination of learning about modern and contemporary art. It has a wealth of artwork thematically grouped together but segregated on the basis of painting style, movement, geography and era. The museum aesthetically transitions the art viewing and learning experience of visitors from conventional print to digital, followed by an interactive and self-guided contemporary artwork experience.

In short, not being an artsy, it is real hard to encapsulate the experience in words so I will try to give the readers a virtual experience through my photography. Also, apologies in advance since I am not an adroit photographer rather, it is just an effort of inclusiveness. Further, I will surely urge all the readers to visit San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Since, this effort does not justify the means. I bet it will be an amazing and awestruck experience for you to visit in person even if you are not an art person. Enjoy amazing artwork at SFMOMA 🙂