If you have spent more than a quarter of your professional life in a nonprofit, you more likely know what I am going to talk about. 

While we’re keeping ourselves busy taking care of the world sometimes we skip taking care of ourselves. Digging into our work email on a day off, or swinging by an important event while on vacation — individually those tiny things do not look so bad. And they’re not.

Just when your sabbatical is over and all of the comp days are gone, you still need to switch your mind after work to not to overburn yourself and recharge your batteries for future social endeavors.

This is when this template self-care calendar can help you to get ideas of how to refill your positivity in Washington, DC and its neighborhood in the final month of a summer. It also works when you’re on a budget.

Want some more? Keep an eye on my next posts. And meanwhile, check one of the Washington DC Events Listings and find what’s happening today in the nation’s capital.

Next step? Add this page to your bookmarks to use in case of emergency, or better earlier — while you’ve got a spare time to invest into your own happy self.

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