I am not only one who is fascinated by the twinkle twinkle little stars of Christmas and magnificence of joyful holiday but almost all of the fellows are enthralled by this splendor. As we are turning our calendars to welcome new year with renewed promises, I and many of my fellows seems fascinated or may be overwhelmed by cliché like; three tips for effectiveness, four facts of future goals, seven skills for success coupled with mind boggling resolution as so on.

I want to pause for a while to rethink that, are we in one size fit all store? Most probably not, then I feel myself snowed under dichotomy of blurred focus and counterfeit persona, which can be byproduct of cultural shock.

I would like to brand myself, based on character centered paradigm and my own set of values, and like to vividly portray the picture of that Best Emerging Global Nonprofit Leader, which everyone of us aspired to be.

As every individual is unique, so his/her dynamics are also unique so I shall not offer any of those formulas; three tips, five facts, six skills etc because they are not true you. Someone said so beautifully that be yourself because nobody in the world can perform your role better than you.


Self Branding “An inside-out character centered approach”

I shall share you the glimpses of a path “self-branding”, which is not for week, month or year but it is continuous and consistent. Self branding will steer your life on character centered paradigm and will allow great deal of innovation and interdependence.

Somebody ask to Stephen covey that, will character centered paradigm remain effective in complex work place and personal life situation, he answered that, “this is based on principles of nature so the more the complex situation is, the most relevant this path will become”. He further added that openness, humbleness, humility and confidence are reward of this inside-out paradigm, because real change happens within you, from outside-in paradigm, the only thing will change is calendar not the personalities.

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From effectiveness to greatness

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