Yunga Onorine Anwi is a feminist and youth activist with specific focus on girls’ education, agriculture, community development, and reproductive rights and health. She founded Women’s Corner, a local community-based organization that focuses on creating awareness and supporting community structures and school systems on how to manage and provide adequate resources to the girls during menstruation. Yunga also doubles as the founder and CEO of Agro-Venture, an enterprise that fights to eliminate youth unemployment and poverty. Yunga was selected to participate in the highly-rated Young African Leadership Initiative fellowship in Accra, Ghana. She won the prestigious Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Award, and was selected for the ultimate African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative. Yunga holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Buea-Cameroon. Yunga was awarded the prestigious Mandela Rhodes scholarship in South Africa where she attained a Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies, University of the Western Cape. Her motivation is driven by her commitment to women and youth empowerment.