Yonas Ayele has eleven years of experience in the civil society and nonprofit sectors and earned a Bachelor’s of Art degree in Economics from Arba Minch University in Ethiopia. Currently, he is working in Ethiopia as a Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist with Fintrac Inc. While working with Fintrac Inc. under the USAID funded Feed the Future Ethiopia Value Chain Activity, he measures the impact of project interventions made for agriculture marketing and value chains. Yonas also worked with Bright Future Ethiopia as a Project Coordinator, where he helped manage the building of schools and socio-economically empower destitute people. Additionally, Yonas worked with the USAID-funded Livestock Market Development project implemented by HUNDEE as a Monitoring and Evaluation Reporting and Learning Officer. He then served with YMCCD on the World Bank-funded project, Ethiopian Social Accountability Program phase II (ESAP II) for more than three years, where he organized public and private dialogue sessions and gave trainings on social accountability to improve the status of local public schools. Through these experiences, Yonas developed strong monitoring and evaluation, project management, data collection, and analysis skills. Yonas enjoys focusing on the areas of economic development, education, youth empowerment, and gender equality, and has a strong passion for human and institutional capacity development initiatives.