Wastina Gizie is a medical doctor with three years of clinical experience. She earned a Doctorate Degree of Medicine from Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia and a Master’s of Public Health from the French School of Public Health in Paris, France. She spent two years working as one of the only two doctors for a population of 224,000 people in remote parts of Ethiopia. Because she had had first-hand experience with the imposing impact of poverty and lack of information on the lives of people, she decided to engage in programs that have an all-inclusive impact on low-income societies. Wastina has experience working on programs on comprehensive early childhood health and development, and emergency response projects at Health Expert capacity in Ethiopia. She has worked as a public health specialist consultant where she developed and implemented monitoring and evaluation projects for programs executed by different international NGOs and government sectors in Ethiopia and Kenya. Wastina believes in striving to create fair and equal communities. She is a strong advocate of girls’ education and community participation. She received the Civil Society Leadership Awards in 2017 and 2018. She is an energetic person who loves traveling, hiking, and indulging in cuisines from all parts of the world.