Tariro Mhute is a communications and development practitioner and social change advocate who is passionate about HIV/AIDS programming, child rights, gender policy, and advocacy. Tariro holds a Master of Science in Development Studies, a Bachelor’s of Science with Honors in Media and Society Studies, and an Executive Certificate in Public Relations. She is currently studying to earn a Diploma in Digital Marketing. She has five years of communications experience in the nonprofit sector and two years in the private sector. As a communications practitioner, Tariro has played a pivotal role in advocating for sustainable development in Zimbabwe while working on projects funded by PEPFAR, USAID Zimbabwe, Pact International, and ActionAid International. Currently, she works for the Organization for Public Health Interventions and Development (OPHID) as a Programs Assistant for the Target, Accelerate, and Sustain Quality Care for HIV Epidemic Control Program funded by PEPFAR/USAID. Tariro has amassed a wide array of professional skills in social media management, desktop publishing, copywriting, editing, and photojournalism, with articles published by USAID International and various platforms. In addition, Tariro is a proud Rotary International Volunteer and Public Relations Chairperson for the Rotary E-Club of Harare. She enjoys interacting with communities regardless of their economic, social, or ethnic class. Most importantly, Tariro has great passion in representing marginalized groups, especially girls, women, orphans, and vulnerable children, for social change.