Dr. Sushmita Parai is Veterinarian from New Delhi, India having done her post-graduate studies in Vet. Surgery with the dream of helping poor farmers in the villages managing their livestock. She has been with Heifer International for seven years, where she focuses on improving goat, pig, and poultry husbandry practices to increase incomes and food security of smallholder farming families. She is passionate about supporting women smallholder farmers to build safe and sustainable farm businesses through livestock rearing by building biosecurity practices, training farmers in delivery mechanisms, and linking them to markets. She is also an accomplished trainer with key capacities in building curriculum, designing conventional and e-modules and materials for the training of last-mile service delivery entrepreneurs along with Farmer Field School Approach for the adoption of good practices by the community and building resilience in the livestock system through the adoption of principles of LEGS (Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards). In her diverse 16 years of work experience, she has also championed the cause of working equines who belong to marginalized communities and have to face social stigma many times. Working bullock issues have also been close to her wherein she initiated mechanization of carts to give relief to these animals cruelly treated as beasts of burden. Street Dog Welfare has been her regular calling for volunteering.