Désiré Stéphane BAI has six years of experience in Media and Journalism. He has worked as a communication practitioner at both assistant and managerial levels in Ivory Coast. He has focused his education and career plans in the area of Mass Communications, with the purpose of promoting equality, inclusive growth, and democracy in his country. He holds a BA in Journalism from the Institute of Communication Sciences and Technologies (ISTC). He has worked as a Web Journalist for an Africa-centered online media outlet, and later as Communications Officer for a government project funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). He helped the ‘’National Program for Supporting Institutional Reforms and State Modernization’’ reach its target population and gain more visibility. This experience increased his interest in M4D (Media for Development). In 2020, he launched Afriquobs, an online media project designed to promote local changemakers and advocate for active citizen participative democracy and human rights in Africa. He has also engaged in voluntary missionary service in Nigeria, which gave him the opportunity of working with people from different countries and cultural backgrounds. He learned from this experience the values of diversity and inclusion, of which he has since become an active defender. Stéphane BAI is passionate about literature, history, news, geopolitics and music.