Soraya Dieng is a jurist with over two years of experience in human rights in Côte d’Ivoire. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Public Law from the West Africa Catholic University of Abidjan and a Master’s degree in Ethics and Governance majoring in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action from the Research and Action Peace Center in Abidjan. She is a jurist at the National Tobacco, Alcoholism, Substance Addiction Control program. She focuses on writing legal texts related to addiction, ensuring the right to health of injecting drug users and sensitizing stakeholders to the legal aspects of tobacco control. Through thai work, she has acquired a solid knowledge of health law, particularly in terms of access to health for vulnerable populations, and developed her project coordination skills and strengthened her analysis skills. Previously, Soraya worked as a jurist at a child foster center on a project related to the assistance of minor victims of sexual violence, and for a Catholic NGO caring for street children. Soraya has volunteered as a jurist for NGOs fighting against sexual feminine mutilations, child protection, forced marriages, and all types of gender-based violence in Côte d’Ivoire. Through these experiences, she developed a strong knowledge of human rights mechanisms, project coordination and sensitization skills. Soraya enjoys focusing on human rights issues and defending children and women’s rights.