Siti Radhiatan Mardiah Daulay earned a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Accounting from Polytechnic of State Finance STAN, where she also previously earned her Accounting diploma. Siti has over six years of experience in Professional Education and Training and currently serves as a Senior Officer in the Indonesian Customs and Excise Training Center under The Ministry of Finance of The Republic of Indonesia. She became a part of a dedicated team for international training in regard to the establishment of the World Customs Organization Regional Training Centre Indonesia for the Asia Pacific Region. While working in the training delivery division, she is acquainted with not only planning and organizing training but also hosting international seminars and conferences. Through these experiences, she acquired profound coordination, planning, implementation, and evaluation skills. Siti is also skilled in English where she often translated speeches and publications, developed English tests for institutional purposes, and taught English as a private tutor. While developing tests and teaching English, she gained experience in designing curricula, preparing learning materials, presenting ideas, and talking in front of a big audience. All of which have sharpened her time management, organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills. She enjoys exchanging knowledge and ideas through study groups and peer meetings, where she encouraged others to keep learning and developing new skills. She always believes that education and continuous learning are ways to break the barriers of social and economic inequality, gender stereotypes, and communication.