Shubham Tripathi has two years of experience in the nonprofit sector. He has earned his Bachelor’s degree in Archaeology from the Banaras Hindu University of Varanasi in India. While working as a Fellow in Teach For India, Shubham tried to understand several obstacles that have been influencing the quality of education and lives of children for many years. Some obstacles that he identified were child rights, ethnicity issues, sexual abuse, children with learning disabilities, and children with physical disabilities. Coming from a rather financially challenged background, he resonated with most of these challenges the children around him were facing and he became determined to fight for a cause bigger than himself. Through his experiences in the fellowship, he has developed a strong understanding of organizing and executing programs that have helped children grow and understand their position as future leaders in the world. Shubham is always excited about focusing his energy on youth empowerment and he believes young minds are amazing minds and they would do wonders, if not oppressed by issues that stunt their growth.