Sherine Bin Said has ten years of experience in non-profit organizations and earned a Bachelor of Economics and Administrative Sciences from the University of Al-Azhar in the Palestinian Territories. She also earned her Professional Diploma in Management of Civil Society Organizations at Islamic University in Palestine. While working as a project coordinator at Filastiniyat Organization in Fada’ Shababi, she implemented an EU-funded framework project Shabab Live in partnership with DW Akademie, Al Khatt, and Al-Jana, which gave her the opportunity to work closely with youth to provide them with access to conventional media and give them a voice by addressing their concerns and supporting their creative initiatives. Previously, Sherine worked for the Culture and Free Thought Association in the Projects, Fundraising and Advocacy Department, where she handled all documentation and filing for a department. Her work included data entry, translation, and filing hard and soft copies, as well as assisting visitors to the projects and the organization. Additionally, Sherine Bin Said took on the responsibility of facilitating several focus group discussions to support the evaluation process at CFTA. Through these experiences, she developed strong project coordination and implementation skills. Sherine enjoys being involved in youth empowerment.