Shamima Omwayi is a vibrant young Kenyan woman with a strong passion for humanitarian affairs, notably in the areas of community development, human rights, and peace and sustainability. Shamima holds a Bachelor’s of Commerce Degree in Finance and a Diploma in Accountancy from Technical University of Kenya. Shamima helped revive a community-based charitable organization, Villa Teag Children’s Home, where she has been volunteering for close to seven years providing administrative support. She has contributed immensely overall to the welfare of the homeless children. Previously, Shamima has volunteered as a facilitator for several organizations, including Global Communities in partnership with USAID and Hope World Wide. She also facilitated for Plan International in the areas of women and youth empowerment and peace and security under the Kenya Tuna Uwezo program, leading to an award as a champion of peace efforts in Nairobi City. By actively engaging in community work, she has developed skills in community organization and action, planning and implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and humanitarian communication. Her goal is to network on social entrepreneurship while focusing on the role of women in sustainable economic development. When Shamima is not ironing out community issues, she is expanding her knowledge on various subjects. During her free time, she engages her social media followers on current affairs. Shamima is currently working on a project proposal for Young Mothers Innovator Entrepreneurs.