Selma Mouloudj has six years of experience in the nonprofit sector. Selma earned a Master’s degree in Biology specialized in Protection and Management of Marine Environment from the University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene in Algeria. She also received a certification in Leadership and Conflict Management from George Mason University. Selma has experience in training engaged youth leaders who are committed to social change by increasing their sense of agency and supporting their civic engagement. Selma is the cofounder of Algerian Youth Voices (AYV), the First English Audio Broadcasting in Algeria that helped her gain valuable experience in digital storytelling, media relations, social media strategy, and corporate communications. Selma enjoys volunteering and is currently serving as the General Secretary for the State Department Alumni Steering Committee in Algeria, working to create an environment where Alumni can work together to bring a positive change. Selma is currently pursuing a career in Corporate & Investment Banking after serving as a Project Coordinator for a nonprofit in Chicago helping to eradicate violence by providing a safe space for youth to express themselves through arts and find support through mentorship. Previously, Selma also served as Project Coordinator for the U.S Treasury & the Algerian Finance Ministry and worked as a Communication Manager for a startup and designed the company’s communication strategy. She worked as an English Instructor for four years and helped hundreds of students develop their English language skills. Selma is passionate about science as well and she won the first prize for her scientific research in 2016 at the International Congress of Marine Biology in Morocco. Through these experiences, she developed strong leadership, communication, strategic planning, and conflict management skills. She believes that investing in youth and women is investing in a sustainable community.