Sara Westerberg is a human rights professional with a broad range of experience from countries and organizations at the intersection of human rights and development. Sara grew up in Sweden and later moved to the UK to pursue a bachelor’s degree in International Relations. With stints in Turkey, Vietnam, France, and Sweden, Sara spent more than a decade in the UK. She later completed a master’s degree with distinction in International Development at the London School of Economics. In 2015, she returned to Stockholm to work for ECPAT Sweden, where she established and later led international programs. She has also recently taken on the role of Advocacy Manager and is a member of the organization’s strategic management group. These roles fit well with Sara’s experience in policy, advocacy, campaigning, and project management gained at organizations such as Amnesty International, Plan UK, and the Swedish Institute of International Affairs. One particularly formative experience was working for the Helen Bamber Foundation. There, Sara had the great privilege of working closely with founder and director Helen Bamber, an iconic human rights champion and great inspiration. Sara gained further insight into the impact of human rights violations and the craft of advocacy for empowerment. Sara finds it very rewarding to volunteer for refugee and migrant rights, as well as women’s rights. Sara thrives in contexts where diverse people work together to achieve positive change.