Sandeep Thullimalli is a public health professional with an interest in the development sector. After receiving his medical degree, Sandeep decided to pursue a path apart from clinical medicine in order to develop a broader understanding of the concept of “Health.” This motivated him to pursue a Master’s degree in Global Health from University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom, where he finally got a glimpse of health from an economic, sociological, and cultural perspective. He volunteered at a nonprofit organization focused on human rights and advocacy for refugees and asylum seekers in the United Kingdom. After earning his Master’s degree, Sandeep joined the organization Swasthya Swaraj based in India, where he worked for tribal communities located in some of the most remote districts in India for two years. Here, he provided primary medical services, training and facilitation about Malaria and nutrition, and regular assessment of the status of nutrition, malaria, and anemia in the community. He worked on a cross sectional descriptive study of intensive screening of children with presumptive TB across 70 villages in Kalahandi. Sandeep also worked with the organization Dakshas in Hyderabad for 8 months, where he helped with design and improved the efficiency of operational processes of various programs. Sandeep has experience of working in diverse settings and is eager to learn more about the development sector.