Ruben Gazanchian has three years of experience in the international affairs industry. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Conflictology as well as a Master’s degree in International Relations from Pyatigorsk State University. Since 2020, he is a Resource Mobilization & Monitoring Specialist at United Nations Population Fund where he raises financial support from international donors and promotes innovative partnership formats. Prior to this, he had undergone an internship at the UNDP. During his Master’s, he was assigned as the Head of Project for Establishment of the UNESCO Chair within his alma mater. He was honored to be recognized multiple times as a winner of national contests on political topics. He participated in high-level political forums such as the Congress of the Council of Europe and the 42nd session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee. Ruben possesses experience in the international affairs industry having skills in leadership, resource mobilization, cooperation enhancement, project management, and researching global processes. Humanitarian issues are his area of interest in the non-profit sector.