Rita Vasileva has over two years of experience in the volunteer sector. She graduated with a Specialist degree in Electrochemical Production Engineering from the Angarsk State Technical Academy. She participated in projects such as the Erasmus+ for Young Entrepreneurs, European Voluntary Service, Hospital Clowns, and Food for Life. The main idea of ​​her business with Erasmus+ for Young Entrepreneurs project was to create an application for volunteers and non-profit organizations to popularize volunteering in Eastern Europe. During the project, she applied for and won a grant to support the Grundenstipendium NRW business in Germany. During her EVS project, Rita worked in a kindergarten, participated in the presentation of the project for American students, and made presentations about Russia to other volunteers, children, and teachers in her host organization. Before the EVS project, Rita participated in two volunteer projects: Food for Life and Hospital Clowns. Food for Life distributed free food to people in need and Hospital Clowns helped young children and teenagers through medical treatment and rehabilitation in a fun and easy way.