Rêber Jahwar grew up in Iraq, a country torn by conflict. But that did not stop him from pursuing his dream of becoming a “computer geek” in the traditional sense of the word and enrolling in computer science studies at the University of Duhok. Currently, Rêber works at Women for Women International and manages one of the departments of the country office. He coordinates various activities within the organization, such as monitoring projects, developing accountability tools, and contributing to research aimed at finding marginalized women who could be included in future projects. Previously, he worked at a German NGO, Welthungerhilfe, where he started as a Senior Database Office before rising to become a MEAL expert, managing M&E activities of more than six projects in different areas of Iraq. He has also worked as a software engineer in a private IT company. Rêber discovered his passion for humanitarian work after his country experienced yet another crisis in 2014 when the so-called Islamic State took over large parts of northern Iraq. Rêber has worked as a Database Officer and Analyst, as well as a Monitoring & Evaluation Officer for NGO ACTED and PIN. Rêber strives to connect technology, humanitarian aid, and communities in need and provide leadership to his community. Driven by his passion, he motivates his colleagues with his professional commitment and innovative mindset.