Racheal Njiru has over eight years of experience in community development programs, specifically in community implementation, management of diverse programs, and coordination. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Community Development from Daystar University, Kenya. Currently, she holds a key role in Humanity & Inclusion as a Manager in the Disability and Inclusive Development Program. During the implementation of the project, she established an in-business task force supporting persons with disabilities in Kakuma on matters of economic inclusion. She has equally supported twenty-five micro-enterprises with disabilities in Kakuma by providing them with business development services, as well as advocating for linkage opportunities for them. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she contributed to concept development to FCDO that culminated in her organization receiving grants to support the recovery of micro-enterprises adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In relation, she contributed to the COVID-19 Recovery and Resilience concept and proposal development funded by MasterCard Foundation, where 200 MSMEs will be supported in the recovery of their businesses, by providing capacity building services and financial support. She believes in supporting access to developmental milestones among teenagers, and thus is passionate about offering mentorship and coaching to young teenagers to provide them with hope, courage, and faith to achieve their dreams. She is passionate about improving people’s lives by supporting them and equipping them with skills that will aid them to live dignified lives.