Prakriti Chawla is a Social Designer, currently serving as an AIF Banyan Impact Fellow. She has spent most of her childhood on the campus of Muskaan, a world-renowned training institute for persons with intellectual disabilities (PwIDs) in India. Over the past four years, she has worked towards the inclusion of marginalized people in the mainstream workforce through multiple path-breaking projects through partnerships with governments and nonprofits. Prakriti completed her Master’s degree in Social Design from Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University in Delhi, where she led various projects on migration, disabilities, gender, self-advocacy, and education. She has a certification on disability livelihoods from EnAble India. She has had on-ground experience in the mainstream hospitality industry and has worked with Lemon Tree Hotels, one of the first companies to hire people with disabilities on a large scale. While there, she directly worked with the Head of Diversity & Inclusion to help develop inclusive policies for the national chain of hotels. Along with India’s Skill Council for Persons with Disability and Muskaan, she has also helped in the creation of a standardized curriculum on vocational training for PwIDs for national dissemination. In her most recent project with Muskaan, she conducted a research study on the experiences of family members of people with intellectual disabilities. As a continuous learner, Prakriti believes in expanding her horizons and therefore has learned basic sign language and is also a budding clay artist. Prakriti has been recognized as a Rising Star by Wedu Global.