Peace Opoggen is a graduate of Sociology and Anthropology who also holds a Master’s degree in Medical Sociology from the University of Benin, Nigeria. Peace is an innovative and passionate program officer with extensive knowledge and experience in evidence-based research. He is highly adept in international development, maternal health, reproductive health, orphans and vulnerable children management, and youth development with a proven record in coordinating, implementing, and monitoring community-based development interventions and youth centered projects. In addition, Peace possesses sound skills in quantitative and qualitative research, academic writing, reporting, data analysis, and administration. He has over five years of experience working with nonprofit and public health organizations. Currently, he serves as the Operations and Program Officer for Shepherd Care International Ministry in Eku, Nigeria, an organization geared towards improving the educational, health, and psycho-social well being of orphans, vulnerable children, widows, and the aged persons. Peace has also worked as an Assistant Program Officer for Research and Documentation at the Women’s Health and Action Research Center (WHARC), where he focused on evidence-based research related to maternal health, sexual reproductive health, advocacy, and service delivery. He has volunteered for several international and local organizations such as the World Safety Organization, World Largest Lesson (WLL), and Youthink organization. He is a Fellow of several youth-driven organizations, including Young African Leaders Initiative, Ashoka, Common Purpose, Kectil, and World Literacy Foundation. Peace is currently collaborating with humanitarian organizations to drive youth initiative at the community level through advocacy, skill acquisition training and capacity building, and peer-to-peer mentorship.