Oluwole Amosu has over 13 years of professional experience working with NGOs and corporate businesses in Nigeria. He has assisted in implementing development and business projects. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics from the University of Ibadan and a career interest in the development sector. Having garnered practical experiences in the areas of mental health and psycho-social support, monitoring & evaluation, youth development, entrepreneurship development, business development, and project management over the years, he has developed capacities and an understanding of the inter-connectivity of the various areas of development work to engender balance and equity in the society. He has a well-developed intercultural competence and the ability to communicate and work with stakeholders and counterparts on all levels. Oluwole currently serves as a Program Development Advisor for Alternative Care with SOS Children’s Villages Nigeria where he leads the organization’s strategy on provision of Alternative Care to children and young people who have lost parental care. He works with other co-workers, partners, and relevant government agencies to improve care and protection for the target group. Oluwole is drawn to the plight of vulnerable young people who are unable to build viable social networks and as such, they have limited opportunities for development especially securing decent employment. Oluwole is propelled to deploy his skills and experience in supporting vulnerable young people to reach their full potential by exposing them to relevant information, skills, and opportunities available to them.