Nikos Alexiou has more than six years of experience in nonprofit administration and project management. Nikos obtained his first degree in International & European Studies from Panteion University in Greece. He then pursued postgraduate studies in IPE at the University of Sheffield, where his dissertation focused on the topic of common European migration policies. After an internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a brief practice as a researcher at the Institute of International Economic Relations, he joined METAdrasi, the leading NGO in Greece in the field of migration and refugees. As a Field Coordinator, he was present in Moria, Lesvos, during the humanitarian crisis on the Greek-Turkish border in 2016, when millions of Syrians were forced to flee their country and seek safe conditions in Europe. He was responsible for a large, multinational team of interpreters representing the organization on the island. After almost two years in Lesvos, he moved to METAdrasi’s HQ, where he rose to the position of project manager. Nikos enhanced his language and data protection skills after being selected as a Blue Book Trainee for the European Commission in 2021. After a 5-month period, he returned to METAdrasi, to become one of the organization’s young leaders in program management, continuing to work on immigration, human rights, and child protection issues. From his experience with the Hilton Humanitarian Prize Laureate Virtual Leadership Institute, he hopes to broaden his horizons while enhancing his career profile and leadership skills.