Nedaa AlAbadla has two years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor’s of English Literature from Al Azhar University in Gaza. While working as an Admission Officer for Doctors Without Borders, Nedaa organized the flow of the trauma and burn patients and supplied equipment in the clinics of the MSF. Previously, Nedaa worked with the humanitarian sector and civil society organizations for about three years to advance community development and promote human rights. Nedaa has volunteered as a peer educator on women’s rights and leadership for several civil society organizations in Gaza. She also volunteered to help elderly people and orphans, as well. Nedaa produces human-interest stories that elucidate humanitarian issues in Gaza. Most recently, she worked for the Mideast Group in Gaza. In this role, she served as a link between the private sector and civil society organizations through the fundraising unit, and was responsible for internal and external communication related to improving community services in Gaza. Nedaa has gained valuable experience in war reporting, digital storytelling, and international relations. She strongly believes in the power of strong communications and storytelling to show the real image in order to support vulnerable communities. Through these experiences, Nedaa developed project coordination and writing skills. She enjoys focusing on the topics of women and gender advocacy, and has a deep passion for women’s empowerment.