Natalie Lempert is a professional tutor and educational counselor from Washington, D.C. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs and Spanish Language and Literature from the University of Colorado at Boulder, has studied International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law at The American University’s Washington College of Law, and is currently studying for a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics at Old Dominion University. She has worked in education for the last nine years as a teacher and tutor. It is her experiences in both private and public education that have inspired her to focus her work on high school students struggling in school due to past trauma and emotional or educational disabilities and differences. In her work, Natalie helps her students to build skills that help them mitigate their anxieties and executive dysfunctions and confront myriad academic insecurities. Natalie’s work extends to educating parents on how best to support their children while recognizing and navigating their own anxieties as parents. Through this work as a language teacher, tutor, and counselor, Natalie has realized the critical importance of word choice and linguistic justice and has been inspired to create more awareness surrounding the implications of the language we use every day.