Naina Yadav is a first-generation learner, the only one to migrate from a small village called Daudpur in Uttar Pradesh to a big city like New Delhi to pursue her dreams of working with young women like her. As a teenager, she participated in Naz Foundation’s sports and life skill program through her school, which eventually opened up her to newer experiences and perspectives. Her work at Naz has been varied, ranging from planning and conducting sessions on sexual health, reproductive rights, financial literacy, communication, and other soft skills to now understanding M&E, data, managing and coordinating it for the entire Young People’s Initiative Program of the Naz Foundation (India) Trust. She has experience working in the field with girls and boys and working in the office with data and M&E processes. She has an understanding of sport for development programs and she believes in it. She is an enthusiastic learner, a believer in using data to transform lives and impact them positively. She intends to grow and do meaningful work in the development sector, and is motivated to encourage others through her energy to keep learning and discovering newer ways to solve social and economic problems that exist around us.