Mita Puspita earned a Medical Doctor’s degree from Padjadjaran University. She has seven years of experience in clinical trial vaccines. She is responsible for the bacterial vaccine clinical trial, which handling the clinical trial from the very beginning to the end. Her main responsibility is; literature searching as the background of clinical trial design, developing clinical trial protocol, clinical trial site identification, coordinating vaccine clinical trial with the trial centers, monitoring the clinical trials, reviewing the reports, and responding to the feedback from the National Regulatory Affair about a clinical trial in the licensure process. She also has experience in managing vaccine safety data and analysis. Since graduated from medical school and was then involved in dengue research in Bandung. She also had experience as a physician in very remote areas in Yahukimo District, Papua, Indonesia. After she was involved in INA-RESPOND, Indonesia Research Partnership on Infectious Disease as a Research Assistant. She now focuses on preventive medicine and public health. Her passion to support immunization programs, that can decrease the morbidity and the mortality of communicable infectious diseases in Indonesia.